This morning as I was leaving for work, my dad said “Remember to be thinking, ‘what good can I do for someone else today?’” It was a great reminder and it made me wonder : what would happen if we always stepped out our front doors with the mindset to seek to do good for and to others, instead of seeking our good and our greatness?

a miniature autobiography

Hi. I’m Andrea, and I’ve always loved words.

My love affair with words began when I was young. I clearly remember my mom’s praise after reading a sign on the way to the store and can only assume my obsession with writing began there. I devoured multiple novels a week throughout my homeschooling, kept journals and regularly impressed professors.

Words move and shape the world around us.

I like books and poetry, candles and heavy blankets, newspapers and scholarly articles. Coffee is best from a french press, mornings are better when they start late, jokes are best when they’re puns, and The Office is the greatest show ever made. But mostly, I like afternoons with my family, everyday with my boyfriend and every moment learning about and loving my savior Jesus.

From sports to fashion and lifestyle, coffee shop reviews and interviews, I’ve had a blog about it all and learned that I’m not one for niches.

So I can’t say what exactly you’ll find here - faith, politics, life, history, the best coffee shop in my area…I’ve probably written about it. But no matter what you find, I hope you walk away different.